Saturday, December 01, 2007

Citizen Orange

Kyle De Beausset from Citizen Orange has invited me to post on immigration-related issues over at his place. Here's a link to my introductory entry. Kyle grew up in Guatemala and now studies at is currently on leave from Harvard. He is an advocate/activist who puts his money where his mouth is. Frustrated at widespread anti-immigrant rhetoric and inability to effect change here in the U.S., last year he traveled along migrant routes from Guatemala to the U.S. to better understand what immigrants go through and bring some attention to their struggles. He started blogging to chronicle his trip (see "Trip" on the sidebar). Read more about the trip here and here.

There are some exciting things going on at Citizen Orange and elsewhere in the, as Kyle puts it, pro-migrant blogosphere. Check back often at Citizen Orange to find out more.


kyledeb said...

You're a strong addition to Citizen Orange, yave, and I hope your readers follow you there. The laws of the universe lead good people across the world to connect and unite in response to injustice. I must correct the record though. I'm currently on leave from Harvard, and have been away from the school during all of my migrant advocacy.

yave said...

Oh, thanks for the correction.