Sunday, November 09, 2008

nonpseudonymous blogging

Here's the post I just put up at Citizen Orange:

Some attentive readers might have noticed a recent change in the Citizen Orange blogger lineup. Some guy named "yave begnet" was replaced by yours truly without much explanation.

So here's a bit of explanation. When the website relaunched about a month ago, I joined the site as the immigrant rights blogger. I also changed jobs and moved to a new city around the same time, and the time seemed right to stop using my pseudonym, "yave begnet." So that is why you've been seeing less of yave, and more of me. It's less schizophrenic this way and less confusing to me, at least.

So check out the new site, if you get a chance. I'll still be blogging here regularly, but not quite as frequently as I have been for the past year.
My name, if you didn't catch it in the last post, is David Bennion. I'll still be blogging as "yave" here, though. I hope that clears things up a bit.


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