Thursday, March 23, 2006

for the record ...

... can I just say that I'm bewildered by the firestorm of controversy surrounding Ben Domenech's hiring by the WaPo? Ben Who? Did I spell his name right? Who cares? Do we really need to prove to the MSM that we can be every bit as whiny and irritating as the right just so they'll give us a fair shake?

If he's as unqualified as everyone says, let him write some crap and then gleefully deconstruct it. If anything, his appointment should be a boon to lefty bloggers everywhere, especially since Friedman, Brooks, and Tierney are no longer around.

Update: And what a boon this is turning out to be. Apparently in his pre-WaPo writing career, Ben had a penchant for appropriating other people's work and calling it his own.

my crack at religion

I'm normally a fan of Andrew Sullivan (he harps on gay rights and torture more than anyone else), but he's been getting on my nerves lately with his quest to justify his support of an immoral war. Generally I find he's a thoughtful and compassionate thinker.

But this today was too much:

Today's age of politicized and intolerant Christianism seems to me to be one of those moments when Christianity has estranged itself most thoroughly from the priorities and spirit of its founder.

One of those moments like, oh, the last 2,000 years?

Monday, March 06, 2006


Crash sucked more than I thought a movie could ever suck. I am distraught about Brokeback losing to that POS to the point that I am about to write off the Oscars for good ... let people vote American-Idol style, let film critics decide, whatever, just don't use a system where the WORST MOVIE OF THE YEAR wins best picture.

I don't know, maybe the movie magically redeemed itself after the first 25 minutes when we turned it off. This was one of those rare moments when my girlfriend and I were in complete agreement.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised after some of the crap that's won in years past. Well now it's official, the Oscars are completely meaningless. Finally, an issue I can agree on with Red State America--Hollywood blows!