Thursday, May 26, 2005

North to South

This past weekend, my girlfriend and I walked from the top of Manhattan to the bottom. From Inwood to Battery Park, 240 blocks, give or take a few. It took us 6 ½ hours, and we couldn’t walk for a couple days afterwards. But it was great to see parts of the city I’d never been to—sadly, in my nearly 4 years here, I’ve only been north of 125th Street a handful of times.

I’ve posted some of the pictures I took below. Hopefully I’ll figures out how to post multiple pictures at once, but for now that is a feat beyond my capabilities. I didn’t take pictures of some of the more memorable sights, either because I was too slow or because it’s considered rude to snap pictures of random pedestrians like you’re on some sort of safari. There was the man in a business suit walking along spreading birdseed by the frontage road to the GW Bridge as a public service. There was the boxer around 160 th, jogging and jabbing down the street with his boxing gloves on. There were the turtles in Morningside Park—too far away to photo. And there were a million goofy-looking dogs—no surprise there.

It was certainly a day well spent, but I’m glad I won’t be doing it again anytime soon. My cousin wants to circumnavigate the island on foot. That would be truly intense ...

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