Monday, February 27, 2006

how to stop the spread of racism

Visiting NRO's Corner is always an education. This today from Mark Krikorian, whom I'll admit I know nothing about:

Mass immigration has all kinds of harmful effects, from bigger government to security vulnerabilities to slowing mechanization in low-tech industries. But perhaps most dangerous is that its the fuel that allows white nationalism to spread, helping deconstruct the American nation.

. . .

[I]n the real world, multiculturalism and mass immigration are inseparable, and the spread of white-identity politics can only be prevented by slowing immigration . . .
[emphasis mine]

This is because
[W]hite nationalism [is] just the logical corrollary [sic] of multiculturalism ("identity politics for white people," as Ramesh wrote in a slightly different context) . . .

Next week from NRO: "the KKK can only be tamed by turning back the clock on civil rights" and "anti-Semitism will only be thwarted by keeping Jews from positions of influence."

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