Friday, November 24, 2006

Iran’s government . . .

. . . ever teetering on the verge of collapse.

If only the MSM would show us what’s really going on there! Thankfully, Michael Ledeen has the story for us at NRO.

Given the ECHR’s actions in the case of the Iranian refugees, does this mean that Ledeen supports an enhanced role for the Western Hemisphere’s counterpart, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights? (The one that no one in the Western Hemisphere has actually heard of.) Would he go so far as to advocate that the United States, renowned defender of human rights around the world, finally ratify the American Convention on Human Rights and accept the Court’s contentious jurisdiction?

Does it mean Ledeen supports an increase in the number of U.S. visas granted to refugees and asylees, and a streamlining of the process by which those people obtain legal status in the U.S.? Does he think we should revisit the process by which asylees are sent back to their home countries, a process known, in the proud tradition of sending boatloads of Jewish refugees back into Hitler’s arms, as “expedited removal”?

If so, it is welcome news to me.


Rock'n'Doudou said...

Ledeen would support anything, including the invasion of Iraq (even if he now claim he was against it !) or selling his daughter if he thinks it will get the US to liberate (invade) Iran.

After the US invade Iran, with the help of his disinformation and propaganda, he will claim that he was never in favor of the invasion of Iran.

I wonder how much money is involved for him, he has been on the case of Iran since his participation in the Iran-Contra scandal. He's not the kind of guy who gives up easily.

in the 80's, he was trying to connect the terrorism in Europe (specificaly in Italy) to the evil communist when it was afterward revealed that it was NATO stay behind network (the Gladio network) that were behind the fake terrorist attack and the killing of Aldo Moro (Italy PM). So never trust that old fabricator.

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