Thursday, April 12, 2007

vote and die

The Times has the rundown on persistent politically-motivated efforts by DOJ appointees to crack down on a voter fraud crisis that barely exists. One felon voted while on probation and served a year in jail for her attempt at civic engagement. The article profiles several permanent residents who registered to vote not knowing they were ineligible, never actually voted, but were deported anyway for their efforts. Many permanent residents mistakenly register to vote by filling out registration cards attached to driver’s license registration cards. All they hear is “Register to vote! Get involved in your community!” but the DMV doesn’t care if the occasional permanent resident gets deported—not their problem. Immigration even encourages permanent residents to register to vote at the swearing in appointment (the last step in obtaining citizenship) before they are sworn in, which can cause serious problems if the ceremony is postponed for some reason. Again, not the government’s problem if its negligence fucks up someone’s life.

“Rock the vote,” “vote or die,” whatever the latest bullshit line is, the clear message from our government is you’d better think twice about voting for the wrong side or they will come after you.

Update: Publius has lots more here about government innovation to stop "improper" votes before they are cast.

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