Saturday, September 29, 2007

immigrant-loving capitalist pigs

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As anyone familiar with Lou Dobbs will realize, nativism makes for strange bedfellows. Here is Brenda Walker, a blogger at VDARE, a prominent restrictionist website:
Lenin famously remarked that capitalists would sell their enemies the rope by which to hang them. These days, the capitalists are Spanish-friendly and are happy to destroy America for money by making it “bilingual.”
Those greedy capitalists, always trying to destroy America for money. Someone should tell Pat Buchanan about the Marxist undercurrent running through the restrictionist movement.

Walker continues:
The New York Times Magazine observes how a Hispanic-focused ad agency creates marketing messages that are more culturally appropriate to that audience. Business prefers a direct route to Juan’s wallet, unencumbered by waiting for him to learn English or assimilate to mainstream America.
She then goes on to speculate that, due to high brand loyalty among Hispanics, companies have a vested interest in keeping them from learning English (cue ominous music). No, really! I couldn’t make this stuff up.

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