Wednesday, April 16, 2008

PSA for cable news hosts

Watching Larry King react to Stephen Colbert on King's own show was surreal ... deer in the headlights doesn't quite capture the experience, maybe brontosaurus in the blast radius would be more apt.

A good rule of thumb when appearing with Stephen Colbert in the vicinity of a camera: Stephen Colbert is smarter than you and the camera loves him more than you. In fact, the only person qualified to appear with Colbert on TV is ... Esteban Colberto!

And here is some more ...

Can someone please convince Chris Matthews to go on Colbert's show? Please? Show him the US News study and maybe he'll consider it ...

Remembering belatedly that Colbert discusses Matthews' recent appearance on the Colbert Report in the clip above and makes this same reference to the US News report ... so yeah, looks like there was a little subconscious appropriation going on there on my part ... PSA to sleep-deprived bloggers: be careful even blogging about Stephen Colbert or you risk looking like an idiot. His mojo is that strong.

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