Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike hits Texas

I am hoping from Philadelphia that the people of southeast Texas, including blogmigo XP, are able to weather the storm that is hitting them right now.

I went to grade school in Houston, and one of the bayous mentioned in this article ran behind our house in Spring Branch. During one storm, the 20-foot bayou filled to the top and suddenly there was a brown river running behind our back yard. I can only imagine what happens when the bayous’ capacity is overwhelmed and those rivers spill over into neighborhoods.

I hope the damage is contained and the relief assistance can get to where it needs to go. Our thoughts are with you tonight, Texas.


Karla said...

We were there just a month ago. I keep thinking of the floods in Spring Branch and the Woodlands when we lived there (no hurricanes, just tropical storms), and of Mike. I haven't heard how he's doing.

Karla said...

...and Tena was in Houston for a business meeting, planning to stay until Friday night, but they evacuated downtown and cancelled her flight out. Her secretary was able to get her one of the last seats on an earlier flight before they closed the airports. She said she wasn't too worried about riding out the hurricane in her hotel, it was the four days (optimistic) of no power before she could hope to get a flight afterword that caused her to worry.