Sunday, October 22, 2006

Nintendo blogging

For my legion readers out there, blogging has been light lately because, well, I acquired an original Nintendo Entertainment System awhile back and I’ve been busy beating Metroid and Punch Out.

When I was a kid, Metroid for me evoked a surreal alien world devoid of any trace of humanity, where fantastic creatures try to kill you in strange and disturbing ways. Even the character you play, with its feline motions and curved back, seems inhuman. The game was fascinating and addictive. The influence of Ridley Scott’s Alien on the game is evident (to me, at least) from the second boss, “Ridley”, which looks kind of like the titular character from the movie.

The game’s pull on me was strong enough almost 20 years after I first played it to keep me occupied several evenings this past week. I finally broke down and checked the internet for maps and hints to beat the game.

Bonus tip: Did you know that if you beat Metroid in under an hour, Samus not only pulls off her helmet but all her clothes except for a bikini?

Now that is nerdy in the extreme.

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