Friday, June 29, 2007


There is a big fire burning two blocks away that just filled our apartment with smoke. My fiancée and I looked outside to see the sky lit up and the streets filled with haze. We followed the smoke down the street to Putnam, where there are four firetrucks that we could see, spaced evenly all the way down the block. A bystander with a British accent told us that three houses down the street were on fire. I hope everyone got out ok. The smoke is stinkier than a campfire, but not as smelly as the 9/11 smoke was. Well, that’s enough excitement for one night. Now I am being alerted to an orchestra composed of Thai elephants. They sound about as you would expect. Back to normal for us, if not for the newly homeless down the street.

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Karla said...

That is really weird because there is a fire burning about two blocks from our house, to the north on the dry hillside. John said somebody's lawnmower struck a spark on a rock. It's burnt from the houses on the east of Canyon Road way up into the foothills. I hope they got the horses out of the horse barns up there--no houses have been burned, but it burned over the beautiful little cemetary on the hilltop. The planes and helicopters and firetrucks are still up there.