Wednesday, January 10, 2007

hard-core liberal

Well, this should come as no surprise, but according to this test (via Andrew Sullivan), I'm a hard-core liberal.

Some of the definitions in this test seemed suspect. For instance, the authors say you are a populist if you “believe that your standards of morality & safety should be enforced by government.”

But if I were a populist under that definition then I would want things like government subsidies for zero-emission cars, higher gas taxes, more gun control, and government-funded universal health care. To me, these are issues of morality and safety. And I do, in fact, want these standards of morality and safety to be enforced by the government. So how am I not a populist? I think the authors of this test use a political shorthand that is convenient but not particularly accurate in many instances.

Also, in what universe do hard-core conservatives strongly support the right of illegal citizens to earn citizenship?

That said, I will agree that in the end they tagged me right.

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