Wednesday, January 24, 2007

the myth of justice

For some people, justice in our country is a fantasy. From the NY Times today:

Roy Brown, who spent 15 years in prison on a murder conviction and uncovered evidence while there that linked another man to the crime, was released from prison on Tuesday after DNA tests on the other man’s exhumed body matched saliva on a nightshirt at the crime scene.

. . .

“Changes have got to be made, man,” Mr. Brown said later at a lawyer’s office across the street, answering questions in a monotone as he rested awkwardly in a black swivel chair. “They say the wheels of justice move slowly, but you know what? The wheels of justice are flat.”

This on the heels of another exoneration in Dallas last week. Texas, our Texas. All hail the mighty state.

These are the stories that get told, but for every one of these, there are many that never see the light of day. It's not really a priority for most people, who really couldn't care less who goes to jail as long as someone gets punished for the crime.

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