Wednesday, January 30, 2008

um, like ... dude!

In light of recent news, I'll revisit what I wrote a year ago, which any half-witted blogger could have predicted:

we see that Giuliani is outpolling the next three Republican candidates combined.

Once more, just so I’m clear about this, Giuliani will never never never win the Republican nomination for president in 2008. Never never never never. It’s simply not going to happen.

. . .

If he does manage to win the nomination, I will do a little celebratory dance in honor of Rudy, because it will mean that the Republican base has seen the error of its ways and agreed to relinquish the cultural direction of the country to Godless liberals like myself.

Of course, I apparently had my money on Brownback and Hagel. Looks like the Magic 8 Ball beats human powers of prediction once again.

Also, Clinton. Ick.

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nicolle said...

Obama! O-BAMA! OOO-BBB-AAA-MMM-AAA! If you can't tell that is me rooting for Obama:) I am even wearing a button at the Y:) Sorry to bring the comments down to my level-just wanted to say-GO OBAMA!