Monday, February 26, 2007

warming up

Ezra Klein says he is warming up to Obama. I am glad to see this, since I consider him a bellwether for Edwards supporters who could be persuaded to change their minds.

And we see that Giuliani is outpolling the next three Republican candidates combined.

Once more, just so I’m clear about this, Giuliani will never never never win the Republican nomination for president in 2008. Never never never never. It’s simply not going to happen.

Here’s why:

Giuliani told the crowd he didn't like abortions but that that wasn't his choice to impose on others.

. . .

But all of the joshing aside, in front of this fairly conservative crowd, Rudy made no apologies for his support of men and men and women and women deserving the full protection of all laws for their domestic partnerships.

I don’t understand the confusion on this point. Rudy is pro-choice. And Rudy is pro-gay. Either one would be enough to sink his chances with the people who will be selecting the nominee. But with both, he might as well run as a Democrat. For good measure, he’s been married three times and favors gun control.

If he does manage to win the nomination, I will do a little celebratory dance in honor of Rudy, because it will mean that the Republican base has seen the error of its ways and agreed to relinquish the cultural direction of the country to Godless liberals like myself.

As far as this AP article which has for us the shocking revelation that Mitt Romney’s ancestors were polygamists (see here, here, and here for more), I have a scoop for the AP: virtually everyone whose ancestors lived in Utah in the 19th century (except for the Native Americans who managed not to get wiped out) is descended from polygamists.

That means me, and while I don’t know for sure, it probably means our esteemed Senators Reid, Hatch, Bennett, and Smith.

But I see that no one, in their discussions of this vile slander—vile!—has bothered to touch the merits of modern-day polygamy. If you allow gay marriage, then why not polygamy? It is a simple question, one that deserves an answer. As I understand it, the creators of Big Love decided to make the series in part to stir up questions about what constitutes “family” in the U.S.

But polygamists might as well be atheists for all the traction they’re getting with the mainstream left. I guess it’s one more question we’ll have to put off for our more enlightened grandchildren to deal with.

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