Thursday, February 14, 2008

thanks again, NRA

I think this may be a recurring feature here.

Desiree Smith, one of the public university’s more than 25,000 students, said she saw students fall down around her as the gunman opened fire. She tried to crawl away, she told a local television station, CLTV, thinking she was going to die, then wondered if she should play dead before getting up to run out of the classroom. Other students told of a chaotic scene in which panicked students dropped to the floor, the blood of victims spattering on those who escaped injury.
This should not be a monthly story in our newspapers. At some point, you have to stand back and say, "This is what Americans want, this is what they voted for." To have the freedom to have their children shot down in the classroom. Who are we to deny the voters what they voted for?

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