Thursday, February 15, 2007

assorted unconnected dribblings

1. Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls: Wow. Just wow.

2. pesto + perogies = a tasty treat

3. John Bolton exercises the tact and nuance which brought him such success in his previous role as Ambassador to the UN. Talking about the new tentative agreement with North Korea, he said to Wolf Blitzer:

This is in many respects simply a repetition of the agreed framework of 1994. You know, Secretary Powell in 2001 started off the administration by saying he was prepared to pick up where the Clinton administration left off. President Bush changed course and followed a different approach. This is the same thing that the State Department was prepared to do six years ago. If we going to cut this deal now, it's amazing we didn't cut it back then. So I'm hoping that this is not really what's going to happen.

The president strongly disagrees:

“I strongly disagree,” Mr. Bush said. “The assessment made by some that this is not a good deal is flat wrong.” But he added that those now calling on North Korea “to prove themselves by following through are right.”

I’m left shaken and confused, since a world in which John Bolton and President Bush publicly contradict each other is a world I’m not sure I know how to live in.

4. This is pretty entertaining.

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